Southern California Heart Specialists
The Physicians

Gregory M. Giesler, M.D.
Paul D. Maher, M.D.
Stephen J. Soldo, M.D.
Babak Tashakkor, M.D.
Douglas D. Yun, M.D.
Independent Cardiologists
John L. Easthope Jr., M.D.
W. Allan Edmiston, M.D.

The Physician Assistants

Richard H. Onysko, P.A.C
Annie Y Huang, PA-C.

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SCHS Newsletter

Babak Tashakkor, M.D.      

  Babak Tashakkor, M.D.  

Dr. Tashakkor was raised in Southern California and is honored to return to the community and further serve its members. Dr. Tashakkor began his post-secondary education in the Pacific Northwest at the University of Washington where he completed his degree in Electrical Engineering. From there, he proceeded to study in the Midwest at the University of Texas where he obtained his medical degree. Upon graduation, he went on to complete internal medicine training at the University of California Irvine, and cardiology fellowship at Scripps Clinic and the University of California San Diego. Lastly, he attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC where he completed specialization in Cardiac Electrophysiology.

Dr. Tashakkor now serves as director of the new cardiac electrophysiology laboratory at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia where he has employed the latest technologies to help treat our patients. As a result, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients with cardiac arrhythmias over the past several years. Furthermore, he has been allotted the role of volunteer instructor at the University of California San Diego, and he has taken part in multiple cutting edge research projects in the field of cardiovascular diseases and electrophysiology here in Pasadena.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Tashakkor was surrounded with the finest education that each of these regions of the country had to offer. He now looks forward to employing this knowledge and expertise to further aid the citizens of Pasadena and its neighboring communities.